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A phantasm wielding an ophidian in 2265.

A phantasm was a tall humanoid Devidian, found among the highest ranks of the Devidians. The Phantasm levitated above the ground, only touching down occasionally, and was a more senior counterpart of the eidolon. (STO - Spectres missions: "Skirmish", "Night of the Comet")

Appearance and specifications[]

The phantasm shared the majority of its bony appearance with other Devidian ranks but with more pronounced shoulders, and spikes elongating the head. The face was dominated by a maw-like orifice on the forehead. Among the phantasms, the Shrouded Phantasm was known to speak.(STO - Spectres missions: "Skirmish", "Night of the Comet")

The phantasm's strength was equivalent to the captain--level compared to officers in the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. (STO - Spectres missions: "Skirmish", "Night of the Comet")

Unlike lower Devidian ranks, the phantasm was armed. Its weapon was an ophidian cane, which could shapeshift into the serpent-like ophidian, amplyfying its user's abiity to drain life-force. In addition to the cane, the phantasm exhibited five innate abilities that could be used in combat:

  • A tight group of opponents could be attacked all at once with psionic energy. This spectral field blast could be used without shifting phase.
  • Alternatively, a flurry of psionic bolts could be flashed at a single target, and was known was spectral barrage. These bolts went right past personal shields.
  • After taking damage, the phantasm would shift phase, which increased the strength of its abilities but lowered resistance to proton-based damage.
  • Another ability was shown in the draining of neural energy, by holding a victim and absorbing their neural energy.
  • The ability to propel themselves towards an opponent and deal physical damage on impact was called wrathful surge. (STO - Spectres missions: "Skirmish", "Night of the Comet")


A phantasm (right) beside an umbral and eidolon.

In 2409, an Allied boarding party encountered Devidians aboard the True Way starship CDS Axon in the Donatu system. On the bridge, the team found the Cardassian crew dead, with several Devidians feasting on them. After defeating the visitors and umbrals on the bridge, a phantasm appeared. The boarding party killed the Devidians and began an investigation into their activities in the sector. (STO - Spectres mission: "Skirmish")

The Allies next fought Devidians in the lower levels of Ferengi-owned Drozana Station. The triolic energy had degraded the maintenance hologram Gein, turning him homicidal. A Devidian portal formed the heart of a Devidian nest, and was found to lead to the year 2265. It was guarded by a phantasm. (STO - Spectres mission: "What Lies Beneath")

Travelling to the year 2265 by slingshotting around Bepi 113 with their starship. The Allies defended the residents and guests of Drozana Station's bar against attacking Devidians and defeated their leader, the Shrouded Phantasm. To put an end to the Devidian incursions to this point in time, the Allied starship destroyed the nearby source of triolic energy, Driffen's Comet, and returned to their present. (STO - Spectres mission: "Night of the Comet")

From 2410 onwards, AQA officers practiced ground combat against Alliance and non-Alliance forces in the holographic arena event on Qo'noS, the qaD HoS, or Arena of Sompek. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Arena of Sompek")

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