Pharh was an unusually tall Ferengi. He left his family's business of trash reclamation to strike out on his own. He began his own trash reclamation business on Qo'noS.

Pharh's business was destroyed by the civil unrest of 2375, so he became Martok's un-official side-kick. He died in saving Martok's life on Boreth. Martok dedicated the battle that followed to giving Pharh the right to enter Sto-vo-kor. (DS9 - The Left Hand of Destiny novels: Books One, Two)


Background informationEdit

J. G. Hertzler commented: "I would have preferred to save Pharh at the end. I was crazy about him and feel there is another story there... indeed, there may be. To be continued..." Hertzler elaborated on why he liked the character so much: "It may take me some time to remember how Pharh was created. I wanted to find the most unlikely ally possible given the circumstances. A latinum-worshipping Ferengi seemed a likely choice, though once I began to write Pharh, he took over. Literally, he was unstoppable in his likes, dislikes, dreams and nightmares. And Pharh had the same affect on Marco, my editor and Jeffrey, my co-writer... Pharh was unstoppable, irresistible, incorrigible, unpredictable and absolutely uncontrollable. He is just one of those things that happen in the process of making up a story. He appeared and the rest is history. I agree, he and Martok are one of those great teams, Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Hope and Crosby etc etc.... I really really really hated to watch his demise. I do hope there is a way to "re-animate" him. Perhaps I should consult my favorite Vorta, Jeff Combs." [1]

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