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The Enterprise fires her phase cannons.

An example of a ship-mounted phase cannon from 2152.

Phase cannons were a type of directed energy weapon, a phase weapon used by the Earth Starfleet during the mid-22nd century. These energy weapons were the precursors to phase banks and phasers, which would be widely used from the 23rd century onwards. (ENT episode: "Silent Enemy")


Due to the early launch of the Enterprise, several systems—most notably the starship weapon systems—had not yet been completed. (ENT episode: "Broken Bow")

These weapon systems were completed in the field at a later date. (ENT episode: "Silent Enemy")

Kelvin timeline

An advanced version of the phase cannon was used by the USS Enterprise in the 23rd century of the Kelvin timeline. While the ship was also equipped with rapid pulse phasers, the phase cannon served as a devastating weapon, capable of blasting through multiple ships at once. This weapon was called the heavy phase cannon. (TOS video game: The Mobile Game)


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