A phaser pistol is a type of phaser weapon, designed to be a hand-held pistol, among the smallest phasers with a power pack in the body of the weapon that gives it a suitable range and force to be used as a sidearm weapon. In comparison, smaller hand phasers lack interchangable power packs, and are limited to a lower number of force settings. The pistol grip element is another advantage over the hand phaser, as it allows the phaser to be drawn and aimed with precision by most humanoid users.

Starfleet issue phaser pistols were in use by 2218.

Notable phaser pistols include Federation Starfleet type-2 phasers, which have been produced in numerous designs over the years. Some of the Starfleet type-2's have improved the force available to their weapons by having a type-1 hand phaser locked into the pistol grip, creating a dual charge source.

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