A phaton is a piece of technology. It is the primary component of a deflector shield generator on Federation starships.

The phaton was invented by Professor Osric Whipple in the 23rd century.

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Prior to 2233, Whipple invented the phaton.

USS Kelvin had shields in 2233. (TOS movie & novelization: Star Trek)

In 2267, while experimenting on the planetoid Quaraxus to make an electromagnetic defense field that could repel meteorites, Professor Whipple inadvertently made metallic objects leap off the surface into space. Sensors aboard the passing starship USS Enterprise detected the incident. After deactivating his experimental equipment, Spock and James T. Kirk beamed Whipple aboard the Enterprise so he would avoid being arrested by the local authorities. When Whipple asked if that was against Starfleet regulations, Kirk said it was thanks for Whipple having invented the phaton deflector mechanism, which he said had saved his life many times. (TOS comic: "Destination Annihilation")

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