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Phelana Yudrin was an Andorian Starfleet officer who served during the 23rd century. Her Starfleet career began in 2251, when she enrolled at Starfleet Academy.


Aboard the Republic

In late 2251, Yudrin and a troop of cadets were invited to join a two-week Academy training mission aboard the USS Republic, by Admiral Pearson Everett. She accepted and beamed aboard with Cadet-Lieutenant James T. Kirk and the rest of the troop, she then attended the introductory ceremony that was conducted by Captain Rollin Bannock.

A few days later, Yudrin entered the Republic's gym and found Jim Kirk was also exercising there. She was impressed by his routine, and asked if he would perform some more routines with her, to which Kirk was only to eager to do. Following the exercise regime, Kirk and Phelana admitted they both had feelings for each other and retired to Kirk's cabin. Over the next few days, their relationship began to grow and they slept together several times.

Shortly after, the Republic was assigned to observed the reconciliation ceremony between the two main factions of Heiren on the planet Heir'tzan. She was ordered by Captain Rollin Bannock to accompany Kirk and Gary Mitchell to the city of Heir'at and help bolster the city's security forces. Second Minister of Security, Ar Bintor, ordered the three of them to stand watch on the opposite side of the street from the old bakery. As they did so, six kidnappers raided the bakery and made off with one of the telepaths. While Kirk and Mitchell took off in pursuit against orders, Yudrin decided to remain where she had been ordered to. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Republic)

After graduating, she later became second officer of the USS Hood.

Alternate reality

In another reality, Yudrin rose through the ranks of the Interstellar Guard, culminating in her position as First Officer of the IUES Kumari II with the rank of Subcommander under Captain Hikaru Sulu. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: The Tears of Eridanus)



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