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Artist's conception of Phigus Simenon.

For the mirror universe counterpart, see Phigus Simenon (mirror).

Phigus Simenon was a Gnalish male who served as the chief engineer of the USS Stargazer for over 22 years, from 2333 until the ship's destruction in the year 2355. (Star Trek: Stargazer series; TNG novels: Reunion, The Valiant)

In 2333, Simenon requested of the Stargazer's captain, Jean-Luc Picard, that the Stargazer be diverted to his homeworld of Gnala, so that Simenon could participate in the traditional competition amongst males of his people that allowed the winner to be the one who fertilized the next generation of his clan's eggs.

Picard and others of Simenon's crewmates assisted him in the competition, in which Phigus was victorious. (STA novel: Progenitor)

By the year 2367, Simenon was an instructor at Starfleet Academy. He received an invitation from his former Stargazer crewmate, Captain Morgen of D'aav, who was that planet's hereditary ruler, to attend his coronation as king.

During the voyage to D'aaV on the USS Enterprise-D, the ship was caught in a sub-space slipstream, which sent the Enterprise hurtling out of control at high warp. Simenon worked with Enterprise engineer, Geordi La Forge and Ensign Wesley Crusher on the problem to no immediate avail. Simenon came up with the solution to the problem while skipping stones on a holodeck pond, suggesting that they configure the shields to disrupt the Enterprise as it rode the slipstream to force the ship back into normal space. (TNG novel: Reunion)

Special thanks to Michael Schuster, who provided the drawing and maintains an informative and detailed Stargazer website. Michael is also co-author of the SCE eBook: The Future Begins.
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