Philip Crey in 2409

Philip Crey was a male Human Starfleet officer from the 23rd, 24th, and 25th centuries.


He was born in the year 2252. (STO mission: "Delta Recruitment Event")

In 2278, he served as an ensign on the USS Bozeman under Captain Morgan Bateson. He and the rest of the crew were trapped in a temporal loop for almost ninety years until the USS Enterprise-D was able to free them from it in 2368. He, along with many other members of Bozeman's crew, was recruited into the Temporal Intelligence Agency due to their knowledge of the past. (STO mission: "Delta Recruitment Event")

In 2409, he helped a young cadet who had been approached by their future self to find information about the Iconians during their early Starfleet carer in preparation for the upcoming Iconian War. Later, in 2410, he helped that Starfleet officer travel back in time to meet their earlier self. Crey gave the officer a Tesseract Communications Receiver to give to their earlier self. (STO mission: "Delta Recruitment Event")

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