Phillo'tok V was the fifth planet in the Phillo'tok star system in the Klingon Empire in the Alpha or the Beta Quadrant. It was the only class M planet in its system, and it had two moons. It was the site of an Orion Colony

The Phillo'tok system was the site of first contact between the Orions and the Klingons (FASA RPG module: The Klingons) when, in stardate 0/7202.10 (circa 2138), an Orion pirate vessel was on the losing end of a duel with a Klingon light cruiser. Thereafter, the Klingon Empire began a march of conquest through the Orion Colonies. (FASA RPG modules: The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge, The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

Following the Orion surrender, Klingon forces took control of Phillo'tok V, and the world was developed as a trade center between the two powers. It flourished for a few years until the Orions ousted the Klingons, and they withdrew from the area. It declined with infrequent use, but remained dominated by Orions.

Phillo'tok V had a technological/sociopolitical index of 999994-77 and a planetary trade profile of BBBCCCD/B(C).

It had a warm temperate climate, a class M terrestrial atmosphere and a 29-hour-long day. It had a total surface area of 459,000,00 square kilometers and, with 96% land mass, a total land area of 440,640,000 square kilometers. It consisted of 20% normal metals and 13% radioactive elements, with trace amounts of gemstones, industrial crystals and other special minerals. (FASA RPG module: The Klingons)

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