Phinnegan Bryce was a human Starfleet officer in the late-24th century. He was part of the engineering staff aboard the Vesta-class USS Quirinal, a specialist in the slipstream drive technology.

While at Starfleet Academy, Bryce secretly created a personal site-to-site transporter disguised as an old watch. He only used it a few times in his career for emergencies. The device operated by tapping into a nearby transporter system.

In May 2381, the Quirinal, and Lieutenant junior grade Bryce, were assigned to Project Full Circle, a fleet of nine starships tasked with exploring the Delta Quadrant and determining the eradication of the Borg.

While investigating the Children of the Storm, the Quirinal came under attack and was under threat of destruction. After Chief engineer, Preston Ganley was injured and incapacitated by noxious fumes in engineering, Captain Regina Farkas gave her environmental suit to protect Bryce while he brought the slipstream drive online. Bryce gave Farkas his site-to-site transporter so that she could escape the Children after he successfully engaged the drive.

Due to his heroic actions, Farkas promoted Bryce to lieutenant and chief engineer, after Lieutenant Ganley was transferred to the medical ship, USS Galen, because of his injuries. (VOY novel: Children of the Storm)

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