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Phyllida Gaines was a 23rd century Human woman, a Starfleet lieutenant assigned to the Federation starship USS Yorktown in the late 2260s decade.

She served in the operations division, in engineering, and was an able shuttlecraft pilot. She was petite with light, silver-colored hair and very pale skin.


In the year 2268, Gaines was part of a shuttlecraft crew assigned to protect Excalibur, a weapon prototype, from renegade Andorians who had attacked and disabled the USS Yorktown. Crash-landing in a glade on Mevinna, the crew hid Excalibur in a deep pool of water which contained particles of verilium and obsitrate, a combination which polarized to block sensor scans. The Andorians caught up with the Starfleet officers, erected a force field around the area, then interrogated and killed them. Gaines had been in a cave and, having no other recourse to protect Excalibur, quickly burned her uniform, fashioned a dress out of pandella leaves from vines growing in the cave, and pretended to be a native wood nymph, babbling about how an evil wizard had cast a spell on her.

When a shuttle from the USS Enterprise approached, the Andorians let the shuttle land, then reactivated the force field, disintegrating Spock’s crewmen Bemis and Latrobe. The Andorians watched to see if Spock would find Excalibur, monitoring every movement and sound, so Phyllida was forced to continue her charade. She tried as subtly as she could to tell Spock who she was, but he dismissed her speech as fairy tales, and it took her nearly a full day to lead him to an underground waterfall outside of the force field perimeter, where they could talk freely.

Spock cobbled parts together to make an M ray generator, which at close range disrupted the force field. Gaines piloted Spock’s shuttle, and they were able to escape with Excalibur. After the Enterprise secured the weapon at Starbase 6, Gaines reported there to await Yorktown’s repairs. (TOS - The New Voyages short story: "The Enchanted Pool")



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