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[[category:starfleet ensigns]]
[[category:starfleet ensigns]]
[[category:starfleet lieutenants]]
[[category:starfleet lieutenants]]
[[category:uSS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) personnel]]
[[category:uSS Enterprise-D personnel]]
[[category:starbase 173 personnel]]
[[category:starbase 173 personnel]]

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Phylo was a female officer in Starfleet in the 24th century.

As an Ensign, Phylo served aboard the USS Enterprise-D, where she shared quarters with Ensign Lian T'su. She found she did not care for the pace of a starship, and in mid-2365, after being promoted to lieutenant junior grade, she transferred to Starbase 173. (SCE eBook: Many Splendors)


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