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Pi³ Orionis, commonly known as the Orion system or 1 Orionis, was a star system located in the Beta Quadrant, near Federation space. This system is within the Orion sector of the Sirius sector block. (ST reference: Star Charts; STO video game: Star Trek Online)

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Pi³ Orionis was a trinary star, consisting of three F-type white stars. It had a brightness of magnitude +3. The Orion system was not a member of the Federation, but was located in the midst of Federation-controlled space.

Zefram Cochrane visited Pi³ Orionis during his final voyage of 2120 (ST reference: Star Charts)

This system was the location of a number of planets, including first planet Orion I, where the Institute of Cosmology was located, and third planet Orion III. (VOY episodes: "Good Shepherd", "The Fight")

This system was visible on a large star chart of the Federation's vicinity displayed at Starfleet Command. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy")

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This system's orbit was a small habitable area, containing only three inhabited worlds. (TAS - Log Four novelization: The Pirates of Orion)

The TAS novelization: The Pirates of Orion doesn't name the system or the worlds.

The Orion home system was in the general vicinity of Argelius and Rigel. (FASA RPG module: Trader Captains and Merchant Princes)

Orion was well-known for its dances. Devna, an Orionite trapped in Elysia and serving as Interpreter of Laws for the Elysian Council, longed to see Orion again. She declined James T. Kirk's offer to return, however, having accepted her place in Elysia. (TAS episode & novelization: The Time Trap)

In the late 24th century, it was possible to obtain an unlisted bank account in the Orion home system. Quark once wished he'd kept more of his money in one. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

The worlds of the Orion home system might be the origin of numerous lifeforms:

It is unclear where these plants and animals come from, only that they are named 'Orion', implying an origin or a familiarity with this system or with the Orion people.




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ST reference: Star Charts establishes the Orion system mentioned in canon as being Pi-3 Orionis, a non-Federation location. STO video game: Star Trek Online extrapolates on Star Charts with a sector vicinity named after this location.

Since Star Charts has specific notation regarding Federation and non-Federation systems, we can see that the political status of this system is not as a Federation member, but it is entrenched in Federation space, and is an acceptable destination for travelers from Federation worlds.

Non-canon sources do differentiate between the Human-originated terminology "Orion" referring to the constellation (which contains this system), with the Orion people being unrelated (translated from terms such a "Ur'eon"). It could be that this system has been settled by Orions, or had been at some point—but with many other conflicting accounts of Orion history, it is uncertain that this is meant to be their home system or point of origination. However, many other sources have developed the Rigel system, Beta Orionis, as the home of the Orions, with either Rigel VII and Rigel VIII both developed as their homeworld, each also named "Orion". The Decipher RPG module: Worlds calls both Rigel VII and the star Rigel "Kolar", the Orion word for "Orion", suggesting that Rigel is the so-called Orion system. On the other hand, the ST reference: Star Charts names the Pi-3 Orionis system "Orion", perhaps suggesting that the Orion homeworld is there.

This is not necessarily a contradiction of the 24th century reference to Orion Prime at Pi-3 Orionis, as the older publications depict Orion's ancient origins including abandonment of some previous and adopted homeworlds. Star Charts originated the reference to the Pi-3 Orionis system as the commonly referred to "Orion system".

This article collects references to "Orion" as a star system that cannot be fully placed elsewhere. Please see Rigel system and Alnilam for more information, and please also see Orion (planet) for references to Orion as a planet,

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