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Bashir works with Quark to investigate a series of thefts on the Promenade.


Bashir is in Quark's, which is unusually quiet. When he asks Quark why, he gets an answer quickly; his communicator has been stolen, likely by the same thief active on the Promenade. Dax locates Bashir's comm badge on level eight, but with Odo away from the station and a visiting Cardassian trade delegation needing protection, the investigation into the pickpocket will have to wait. Bashir and Quark decide to team up.

Interviewing other victims doesn't yield any leads. Quark suggests coating something valuable with an invisible substance that they could track when the thief stole it. Bashir agrees and suggests that a molecular phosphor should do the trick. For the victims, Quark calls in his Irregulars, including Morn, who take the bait and show it off around the Promenade.

Bashir tracks the stolen items to a Klingon woman with a baby carriage. The carriage has a built-in, short range transporter that the woman uses to commit her crimes. Bashir confronts her, and when she pulls out a knife, Bashir activates the transporter in the carriage to take the knife from her hand. Quark uses the opportunity to hit the woman on the head and renders her unconscious.

Odo returns to the station, and mentions to Bashir and Quark that the Klingon woman was a dangerous renegade who kidnapped the baby. The baby's parents are coming to the station to get him. Bashir comments to Odo that he should deputize himself and Quark to take over security on the Promenade the next time Odo leaves the station. Odo tells them he won't leave the station again.



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Background information

  • One of the victims of the thief is a "Tailhead", an unnamed species that appeared in the background of several Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes. The species were called the Chandir in the novel The Buried Age.

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