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Pierson was a 23rd century Human woman. She served in Starfleet in the 2260s as a doctor with the rank of lieutenant.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2267, she visited the Federation starship USS Enterprise and served briefly under the command of Captain James T. Kirk

Pierson attended the wedding of Becky Randall and Tom Markham. That evening, she and James T. Kirk had a dinner date in her quarters, but it was interrupted by malevolent telepathic broadcasts. Faron and Nadira manipulated the crew into a gender war, with Pierson joining the women's side. At one point, Pierson and Lieutenant Sinclair aimed phasers at James T. Kirk and Spock, but Kirk was able to temporarily break through to them, and they stunned the women behind them instead.

After the conflict had ended, Kirk and Pierson resumed their date in the arboretum. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Shinsei Shinsei comic: "'Til Death")

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