Pipp was a 23rd century Makon man. He was a thinker, scientist, and pilot of the Makon warp ship.


As an educated professional on Makon III, Pipp was a second-class citizen and considered property. When President Wan'Brek approved a plan to develop warp drive, secretary of affairs Dol'Rum purchased Pipp along with other scientists and engineers needed for the project.

By 2268, a Makon warp ship had been constructed. Pipp piloted the vessel during its inaugural warp flight in 2268 under the command of the warp reactor's designer, Jeena. When a coolant tank ruptured, Pipp was forced to vent drive plasma, but they were still able to achieve a speed of warp 1.2.

After landing, Pipp recommended that the pair hurry back to the base because it was getting close to shutdown time and the president was nearby. They were suddenly approached by a delegation from the Federation starship USS Enterprise, which had detected the warp flight, but as slaves neither was entitled to speak. Instead, Jeena and Pipp were confined by Wan'Brek, along with the rest of the development team. Pipp passed the time reading a newspaper while Jeena planned an escape, borrowing his flight sedative to subdue a security guard. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "Inalienable Rights")




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