A couple of Orion pirates in 2270.

Piracy was the act of robbery and other criminal/mercenary acts committed on the seas and in space by people who became known as pirates. Those that were authorized or paid by their government were known as Privateers.

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Acts of piracy could be traced back as far as Earth's 18th century, particularly to the Caribbean[citation needed]. Piracy continued well into the 1980s, when whalers illegally hunted whales.[1]

When humans went into space, they saw other species committing acts of piracy. In the 2150s decade, Earth freighter starships were attacked by Nausicaan pirates.[2] In the Delphic Expanse, some ships that were stranded were forced to resort to piracy. One group were Osaarian merchants that became trapped there.[3] Orions were also known to be pirates, when they stole equipment and people for their slave market from the 2150s[4] to the 2260s.[5]

During the USS Enterprise's five-year mission, they encountered two groups of pirates. In 2268, Capt. Black Jack Nova of the Windjammer stole dilithium crystals from starfleet.[6]In 2269, a group of Elasi pirates under Ies Bredell tried to start a war with the Federation. [7]

In the 2270s, a loose association of legitimate merchants, refugees and pirates existed called Free Traders. Pirates were found more often in Free Trader Lanes, an area notorious for criminal activity which the Federation had tried unsuccessfully to clean up for years. Traders operated out of at least one space station. [8]

In the 24th century, piracy was still in use. Some Ferengi, such as Daimon Lurin committed such as acts such as attempted theft of the USS Enterprise-D in 2369.[9] The Breen also committed acts of piracy on Bajoran colonies in the early 2370s.[10]. In the Delta Quadrant, a alien called Tau stole the USS Voyager's computer core and their Doctor's Mobile emitter.[11]

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