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Kirk must die for the Evictors to survive! — "Planet of No Life" was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1978. It was the 11th issue drawn by Alden McWilliams and the 19th of 22 written by Arnold Drake. In this story, a sequel to "The Evictors", the USS Enterprise visits colonists struggling to survive on an irradiated planet in the year 2268.


Who can imagine the pain and rage of a people denied their own birthworld for 500,000 years? And now, facing this outcast people for a second time. Captain Kirk becomes the single target of all that blind anger ... sentenced to death beyond belief on the Planet of No Life.


Captain's log, stardate 19.28.07
I have called a staff officer's meeting to discuss an unusual appointment to the ship's complement!

Senior staff debate the merits of Lieut. Jinz, son of a high-ranking Starfleet officer whose lackluster record didn't seem to warrant a posting on the Enterprise. When he beams aboard, he tells Kirk he'll be resigning his commission as soon as his minimum tour of duty is over, and only joined Starfleet to appease his father. Perhaps hoping to make a better officer of him, Kirk has Jinz attend a briefing about their mission to investigate a planet with advanced life readings, yet had a radioactive surface inimical to life.

As the ship approaches, Nyota Uhura picks up a message from Inoduku of the Sanoora, who had previously attempted to occupy Nraka — their original homeworld — but were blocked with aid from the Enterprise. Inoduku invites two of Kirk's crew to visit, sending up a probe with anti-radiation serum so a landing party could survive temporarily on the surface. After being treated, Kirk and Jinz beam down and are given an aerial tour by Dahvi, then meet the Sanoora Supreme Council.

Captain's log, stardate 19.28.07
Assigned to explore a world that should be uninhabitable, Lieut. Jinz and I found it to be the host planet of the Sanoora, people without a world!

Kirk and Jinz meet opposing faction leaders Inoduku and Bir. Inoduku leads the majority who elected to colonize this world, while Bir leads a minority that wants to conquer Nraka at any cost. Kirk points out that Starfleet would come to Nraka's defense, but if the Sanoora settle here, the Federation would help them.

Bir uses the offer to rally the populace and lead an armed rebellion, taking control of the Council. Bir withholds serum booster shots, and shortly Kirk and Jinz began suffering from radiation poisoning. Jinz panics and sides with Bir, going so far as to offer to kill Kirk, and Bir hands Jinz a pistol.

Watching events unfold from the Enterprise, Spock takes action. He broadcasts an appeal to the Sanoora people to spare Kirk's life. Leonard McCoy has analyzed the serum and the two have figured out how to make the surface habitable. He demonstrates by firing two probes, one which neutralizes radiation within a portion of soil. Both probes then plant a tree, one in treated soil, one untreated. Within minutes, the tree in untreated soil had died, but the other remains alive.

Bir assumes this is a trick, but Jinz believes it. When Bir insists that his people must conquer Nraka no matter what, Jinz declares him mad and apologizes to Kirk. Bir grabs the pistol from Jinz's hand. Jinz jumps between Kirk and Bir, taking the blast himself.

The Sanoora are swayed by the demonstration, leaving Bir without support, and Kirk is treated in sickbay. Senior officers attend Jinz's funeral, and as the Enterprise leaves orbit, Inoduku looks forward to receiving supplies from the Federation to reclaim the planet.



BirDahviInodukuJinzJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockNyota UhuraZotarunnamed USS Enterprise personnel (2260s) (nurse)
Referenced only
DvorJinz (Admiral)Rava

Starships and vehicles

aircarUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)
Referenced only
Nrakan shipSanoora world ship


NrakaSanoora host planet
Referenced only
HellSaturnTransport Station 19-B

Races and cultures


States and organizations

FederationSanoora BuildersSanoora ReturnersSanoora Supreme CouncilStarfleet AcademyStarfleet High Command

Science and classification

anti-radiation formulabombcameracellchemilyzercentral computercommunicationsdomeenergy walllasermissilepistolplanetary development ratinghost planet ratingobservatoryscannersectorstar chartsword • video cameraviewscreenweapon

Ranks and titles

captaincouncilorFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)generallieutenantmagicianminority leaderrankscientistslaveStarfleet rankssupreme councilortechnician

Other references

amino acidanimalassignment patchatmospherebriefing roomcanyonchickencoffincustard piedaydrive-in movieelementgolfhistoryhomeworldhornetlanguagelifeformlight speedlogicminutemilemoneymonthmossmulepalacepianoproteinradiationrebellionrocksausagesecondsickbayslaverysnakesoilspacespecialist ratingstandard orbitStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)transporter roomtreewhaleyear


500,000 years ago
Sanoora evacuated the planet Nraka in a fleet of Sanoora world ships to avoid deadly radiation from a rogue star, leaving some people behind.
10,000 years ago
First recorded history of Nrakan civilization.
The Enterprise combated the Sanoora at Nraka.
The Enterprise discovered the Sanoora host planet.


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  • A four-page flashback recounts the events of TOS comic: "The Evictors".
  • Inoduku, Dvor, Rava, and Zotar are recurring characters who previously appeared in "The Evictors".
  • The cover depicted minority leader Bir's political opinion that Kirk should die, but the scene as shown did not actually happen in the story.



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Production history
January 1978
First published by Gold Key Comics.
September 2008
Included on The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD. (Graphic Imaging Technologies)
20 December 2018
Reprinted in Graphic Novel Collection #52. (Eaglemoss)

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