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Kirk must die for the Evictors to survive! — "Planet of No Life" was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1978. It was the 11th issue drawn by Alden McWilliams and the 19th of 22 written by Arnold Drake. In this story, a sequel to "The Evictors", the USS Enterprise visits colonists struggling to survive on an irradiated planet in the year 2268.


Who can imagine the pain and rage of a people denied their own birthworld for 500,000 years? And now, facing this outcast people for a second time. Captain Kirk becomes the single target of all that blind anger ... sentenced to death beyond belief on the Planet of No Life.


Log entries[]

Captain's log, stardate 19.28.07 
I have called a staff officer's meeting to discuss an unusual appointment to the ship's complement!
Captain's log, stardate 19.28.07 
Assigned to explore a world that should be uninhabitable, Lieut. Jinz and I found it to be the host planet of the Sanoora, people without a world!



BirDahviInodukuJinzJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockNyota UhuraZotarunnamed USS Enterprise personnel (2260s) (nurse)
Referenced only 
DvorJinz (Admiral)Rava

Starships and vehicles[]

aircarUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)
Referenced only 
Nrakan shipSanoora world ship


NrakaSanoora host planet
Referenced only 
HellSaturnTransport Station 19-B

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

FederationSanoora BuildersSanoora ReturnersSanoora Supreme CouncilStarfleet AcademyStarfleet High Command

Science and classification[]

anti-radiation formulabombcameracellchemilyzercentral computercommunicationsdomeenergy walllasermissilepistolplanetary development ratinghost planet ratingobservatoryscannersectorstar chartsword • video cameraviewscreenweapon

Ranks and titles[]

captaincouncilorFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)generallieutenantmagicianminority leaderrankscientistslaveStarfleet rankssupreme councilortechnician

Other references[]

amino acidanimalassignment patchatmospherebriefing roomcanyonchickencoffincustard piedaydrive-in movieelementgolfhistoryhomeworldhornetlanguagelifeformlight speedlogicminutemilemoneymonthmossmulepalacepianoproteinradiationrebellionrocksausagesecondsickbayslaverysnakesoilspacespecialist ratingstandard orbitStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)transporter roomtreewhaleyear


500,000 years ago 
Sanoora evacuated the planet Nraka in a fleet of Sanoora world ships to avoid deadly radiation from a rogue star, leaving some people behind.
10,000 years ago 
First recorded history of Nrakan civilization.
The Enterprise combated the Sanoora at Nraka.
The Enterprise discovered the Sanoora host planet.


Related media[]


  • A four-page flashback recounts the events of TOS comic: "The Evictors".
  • Inoduku, Dvor, Rava, and Zotar are recurring characters who previously appeared in "The Evictors".
  • The cover depicted minority leader Bir's political opinion that Kirk should die, but the scene as shown did not actually happen in the story.




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Production history[]
January 1978 
First published by Gold Key Comics
September 2008 
Included on The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD (Graphic Imaging Technologies)
20 December 2018 
Reprinted in Graphic Novel Collection #52 (Eaglemoss)

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