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A plasma storm is a type of spatial disturbance that involves energetic particles in a state called plasma. Plasma storms are commonly found in places such as the Badlands. Plasma storms are relatively common occurrences.

History and specifics[]

While trying to figure out what had happened to a group of officers who encountered a type 2 plasma storm on their way back to Deep Space 9, Doctor Julian Bashir did a search in the medical files about such a phenomenon and found 5,021 entries. (DS9 episode: "Things Past")

In the year 2371 in the mirror universe, Professor Jennifer Sisko was working on a transpectral sensor array, a technology that might be able to penetrate plasma storms in an effort to find hidden Terran Rebellion bases. She halted work on the device when she was persuaded to defect to the Rebellion by Commander Benjamin Sisko. (DS9 episode: "Through the Looking Glass")



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