Enterprise-D near plasma streamer

The USS Enterprise-D near a plasma streamer in 2369.

A plasma streamer is a stream of plasma that form between two stars that are located in binary star systems. Plasma streams create ionized distortion fields that can reduce the effectiveness of sensors, transporters, and tractor beams.

In 2360, the USS Victory encountered a plasma streamer that fed directly into a black hole. Unfortunately, the Victory became trapped in the streamer and face imminent destruction. Thankfully, Lieutenant (j.g.) Susanna Leijten developed the idea of polarizing the ship's hull, which enabled them to escape. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

In 2369, the USS Yosemite was dispatched to study a plasma streamer which was located in the Igo sector. When Starfleet lost contact with the Yosemite, they dispatched the USS Enterprise-D to investigate. (TNG episode: "Realm of Fear")

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