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Plesh Brek-class heavy raiders were a type of frigate operated by the Breen Confederacy in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


Ships of this class had entered service by the 2370s decade. In 2375, squads of Plesh Brek-class frigates participated in the Raid on San Francisco that marked the Breen Confederacy's entry into the Dominion War. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Vorgon Conclusions")

In the same year, the Kropaslin had captured a derelict Breen frigate near the Helaspont Nebula. It was stolen from a spacedock at Kropasar by Starfleet's USS Catherine Mary. (SCE - What's Past eBook: The Future Begins)

In 2409 a number of Plesh Brek-class ships formed part of a Breen battle group under Thot Mer that attacked the IKS Batlh, flagship of Klingon Emperor Kahless, in the Sanek system. KDF reinforcements destroyed this force. (STO mission: "Destiny")

Plesh Brek-class starships were commonly seen during the Breen invasion of Defera. They attacked Deferi bases in the Kelvani Belt, a Deferi patrol in deep space, and Deferi Outpost 3. (STO episode: "Breen Invasion"; STO mission: "Aiding the Deferi (Daily)"; STO website: STO Season 8 Dev Blog #27)

When allied forces arrived in orbit of Defera at the request of the Deferi government, one Plesh Brek-class vessel made a high-speed pass over the planet but escaped before the defense fleet could engage it. Several more later attacked Ambassador Surah's Jeska. (STO mission: "Cold Call")

Additional frigates hit Deferi ships in the VZA-4001 system, while others guarded a Breen mining installation on a planet in the Zaria system. (STO mission: "Out in the Cold")

More of these vessels attempted to intercept and destroy an allied starship before it could leave Defera with a section of a Preserver star chart. Another group attacked in the Manek system but was likewise destroyed. (STO mission: "Cold Case")

When the ship carrying the Preserver star chart arrived at the Preserver installation in the Lae'nas system it encountered more of these vessels as part of a fleet battling the True Way over control of a former Dominion base. The chart carrier attacked and destroyed both groups. (STO mission: "Cold Storage")

Technical data

Unlike other raider-styled starships, these vessels lacked a cloaking device, but were still fearsome and maneuverable vessels. In addition, they were noted to be sturdier and faster than similar vessels of other governments. They were armed with polaron weapons and transphasic torpedoes.

The Breen deployed them in groups of three at most with their armaments equivalent to Federation escort vessels or Klingon QulDun-class birds-of-prey. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)




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