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"Poet" was a Human man of the 24th century. He was a mercenary in the Silver Paladin's band.

He and the rest of the organization were based at Rikan's castle, Warrior's Rest, on the planet Treva in 2364 where they aided the rebellion against President Nalavia. Poet and Sdan kidnapped Lieutenant Tasha Yar from the Presidential Palace, stole the USS Enterprise-D's Shuttle 11 from a Trevan hangar, and brought both to Warrior's Rest.

When the team plotted to replace the Riatine drug with a placebo, Poet helped borrow vehicles and disable or trick military surveillance. When Nalavia's forces later assaulted the castle in response, he helped fight off her soldiers, and later flew a flyer against their air forces.

As shown by his adopted name, Poet had a habit of quoting poets, writers and plays of Earth's literature, such as Samuel Johnson, William Shakespeare's Henry IV and Romeo and Juliet, John Wilmot, Lord Byron, Robert Burns, William Ernest Henley, and Virgil.

He was a skilled pickpocket and very strong. Unusually, he wore glasses, even though medical treatments existed to remove any need for them in childhood. Otherwise, he appeared nondescript. He had no criminal record within the Federation. (TNG novel: Survivors)

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