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A polaron was a type of subatomic particle. Polaron radiation was fatal to humanoids, and also has a destabilizing effect on Changeling physiology. (DS9 episode: "Apocalypse Rising")

In 2269, the USS T'Saura attempted to use a polaron burst to disrupt a Gorn minefield blockade around the Delta Triangle. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still)

In 2373, Starfleet Science tried to create modified polaron emitters which could expose suspected Changelings, without doing harm to other species. (DS9 episode: "Apocalypse Rising")

In Favorite Son satalites around a planet formed a polaron grid and in displaced aliens use transport Technology based on polarons

The Githzarai, a starship used by Grauq, had a weakness to Polaron particles which caused disruption its power systems. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

Defensive usage[]

Numerous species used polaron-based weaponry and defensive systems, including:

Other uses[]

Polarons can be used to locate space vessels in situations were normal sensors are inadequate. (VOY episodes: "State of Flux", "Maneuvers")

They can also be utilized to interfere with such energy-emitting systems as shields, tractor beams, and magnetic confinement fields. (VOY episodes: "Extreme Risk", "Course: Oblivion", "Ashes to Ashes", "Future's End") Similarly, polarons can be used to enhance such systems. (VOY episodes: "Hunters", "The Void")

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