Police web

Prisoners held on a police web.

The police web was a form of restraint technology used by humanoid civilizations, notably the Kzinti. The web was a flexible sheet of filaments typically laid down on a floor or ground. When powered, it restricts the mobility of anyone who was made to stand on it when activated, in a variation of a force field energy effect. This allows police personnel to hold an arrestee without having to physically restrain them from fleeing, and gives a small number of police the ability to contain a greater number of restrained individuals. The police web leaves the restrained individual conscious and standing or squatting comfortably, but without the capability to move away from the spot. This technology does not interfere with the function of life support belts.

A Kzinti police vessel, the Traitor's Claw, was equipped with police webs as part of its armory. The crew of Traitor's Claw used a police web to restrain Spock, Nyota Uhura and Hikaru Sulu at the orders of Chuft Captain, after their shuttlecraft was lured to Beta Lyrae. The restraint initially functioned adequately to hold the Starfleet officers as prisoners, but was shorted out twice by the operation of the Slaver weapon. (TAS episode & Log Ten novelization: The Slaver Weapon)

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