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Pollox IV was an inhabited planet, the fourth in the Pollox star system, located in Federation space. During the late 23rd century, Pollox IV lay in the disputed territory between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

In 2277, the Federation and the Empire arranged to hold top-secret diplomatic talks on Pollox IV that would hopefully herald a new age of peace and cooperation between the two powers. Starfleet Command dispatched Fleet Admiral Karis Tatenen aboard the USS Enterprise to represent the Federation, while the Klingons dispatched Ambassador Kaare, who was escorted to the talks by three Kl'ar-class vessels.

After a series of receptions held in both Tatenen's and the Klingons honor, both parties began to discuss and end to the fighting. However, the talks soon broke down as Admiral Tatenen made unreasonable demands upon the Klingons as he followed his philosophy that diplomacy was pointless with the Klingons. Tatenen beamed back to the Enterprise and declared Starfleet Order 102-B and declared war against the Empire. However, Kirk refused to follow the order and took Tatenen and his staff into custody. Unfortunately, Tatenen managed to escape and commandeer the shuttlecraft Galileo and attempted to ram the three Klingon vessels. With the Enterprise unable to lock a tractor beam on the Galileo, the Klingons opened fire and destroyed the shuttle. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "The Blaze of Glory")

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