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Pollux (or Beta Geminorum) is a star with an associated star system, located in the Beta Quadrant, in Federation space. Pollux is around 33 light-years from Earth, where it is visible as part of the constellation of Gemini. Pollux is a K0IIIb class orange star, an orange giant. (ST reference: Star Charts)

The Federation starships USS Pollux, including the Pollux-class, were named for this location.


The star system at Pollux contains the planet Pollux II. (TOS comic: "All of Me")

The Pollux system is the location of the planet Pollux IV. (TOS episode: "Who Mourns for Adonais?")

The star system at Pollux contains the planet Pollux V. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

In TNG video game: Birth of the Federation, the orbital configuration of the game map star systems was randomly generated each time a new game started.




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