Ponn-ifla was a martial art that was known to the Vulcan species. It was created by the warrior poet Ladok in the 1600s who developed a technique known as the "eye of the storm". The discipline's tenet involved resistance as well as moderation with a master being able to "transform a fight into a poem, and a poem into meditation." In later years, it became a popular martial art of the Vulcans with more modern schools borrowing some skills from other Vulcan arts. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

It was considered a very young discipline by Vulcan standards. Ponn-ifla was the opposite of Kareel-ifla in that it was non-violent in nature but was still quite an effective hand-to-hand combat art. This discipline focused on the use of minimum force and movement by turning an attackers own force back at them rather then initiate combat. Such master practitioners were known to take on a dozen opponents as well as incapacitate them without even moving a foot or two from their starting position.

One of the moves in it was called Narlik which was a joint lock with the addition of applying agonizing pain without giving them any permanent damage. The style's naming origins came from an ancient Vulcan saying which regarded the calmness in the eye of the storm. Practitioners were required to be an eye of peacefulness in the storm of violence. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

Several moves from Ponn-ifla included:

  • Kroika : a central move of the art which involved deflecting an opponent's fist downwards in order to put him off-balance.
  • Taroon : this aspect of the fighting style was to use the opponent's own attack as a means of getting an opening for a nerve pinch.
  • Ponn-K'sin : borrowed from the more aggressive kareel-ifla but modified by ponn-ifla masters, this move involved a leg sweep.
  • Narilk : a joint lock and counterpressure move with many different techniques existing. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)
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