A power ring is a type of technology developed by the Oan civilization of an alternate reality. The power ring is a conduit for energy when worn by a person and attuned to energy fields of a battery. With the mentality of a wearer, the ring could respond by transmuting energy into constructs such as beams or shields.

The guardians of Oa crafted a green ring that was a focus of willpower and gave the ring to champions of the Green Lantern Corps, named for their glowing green power batteries. Eventually, other power spectrums were used, such as the Yellow Lanterns that take advantage of the yellow spectrum impurity in a Green Lantern's ring, or the Blue Lanterns who focus the power of hope over willpower.

Ganthet fled to Kelvin timeline and deposited an array of spectrum-powered rings. The Blue Lantern ring selected Pavel Chekov as its bearer and the yellow ring chose Chang, a Klingon general. (TOS - The Spectrum War comic: "Issue 1")

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