Pra thal were mercenary companies that were used by the Andorian race. Unlike the Federation, the Andorians did not view mercenaries with distaste and saw this viewpoint with puzzlement as well as mild amusement. This was because of their warrior nature which they saw as a holy vocation. Thus, they saw no worry in hiring out their services as mercenaries in order to test their hard won abilities so long as their employers values matched those of the Andorians as well as the Federation. Whilst the majority of a pra thal consisted of Andorians, there were members of other Federation species amongst their ranks as well.

The leaders of a pra thal that gained renowned status lived the life of a celebrity amongst their people for their publicized exploits. One of the most critical elements placed on a pra thal, however, was them following the Andorian code of honor. Their usage was seen with mixed reaction amongst the United Federation of Planets, with some seeing them as a critical aspect of Andorian culture, whilst others do not hide their distaste in the practice. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Raiders, Renegades & Rogues)

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