DaiMon Praag was the owner of the Krayvis, a D'Kora-class marauder active in the Maelstrom in 2378.

History Edit

He was first encountered by the Dauntless at Serris II, where he was caught in a clandestine meeting with two Cardassian ships. After the departure of the Cardassians, the Dauntless attacked the Krayvis, disabling her. Praag called the Cardassians for aid, only to find himself under fire as the Cardassians attacked both ships in an attempt to destroy evidence of their presence. He was saved by the Dauntless, and in a show of gratitude, told them about his smuggling illegal Romulan cloaking devices to House Arterius.

He was later encountered by the USS Sovereign at the Voltlair system while hauling lucasite ore. He was once more under attack by the Cardassians, and was unfortunately unable to bribe them into leaving him alive. After being rescued, he told the Sovereign that the Cardassians are building up a force in the area, but the Romulans, who have been suspected of initiating hostilities, have not been involved. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)

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