The harvester rig Rostok on Prairie

Prairie was a class M planet, the fourth planet in its system, that was home to a farming colony in the mid-23rd century.

Prairie's landscape featured vast fields of crops, such as corn, which were harvested by proportionally huge vehicles called harvester rigs which would periodically deliver their quotas to settlements on the planet, such as Silotown.

In 2254 Captain Christopher Pike crashed into the fields of Prairie in the shuttlecraft Icarus, which had been shot down by the IKS Varchas. The Klingons pursued Pike on the planet and eventually resorted to orbital bombardment to try and kill him, resulting in large crop fires. When the USS Enterprise arrived to rescue Pike they drove of the Klingons and provided medical aid to injured locals and assisted in controlling the fires before leaving the farmers in peace. (EV comic: "The Flat, Gold Forever")

It is not clear whether or not Prairie was a Federation world or independent. The anti-Starfleet sentiments of many of the locals certainly made it clear they preferred not to be involved in wider interplanetary affairs, though with such huge amounts of food produced they would presumably have been trading with other planets and organizations.


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