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The Prologue to The Brave and the Bold.


2151: On Beta Aurigae VII, the crew of the Enterprise find remains from the ancient Zalkat Union, including a record of the fall of its tyrannical ruler, Malkus the Mighty. They discover that Malkus possessed four highly advanced devices which he used to keep power. After his fall, all four were hidden in locations across the galaxy. Captain Archer decides that if possible, all Starfleet and allied vessels should confiscate these missing devices.



Jonathan ArcherPorthosMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker III
Referenced only
Napoleon BonaparteJulius CaesarLeonardo da VinciMaxwell ForrestPhillip GreenAdolf HitlerGenghis KhanMalkus the MightyTravis MayweatherPercy Bysshe Shelley

Starships and vehicles

Enterprise (NX-01)shuttlepod
Referenced only


Beta AurigaeBeta Aurigae VIIthe galaxy
Referenced only

Races and cultures

Human (Japanese) • Vulcan
Referenced only
Axanar • Human (GreekRussian) • Zalkatian

States and organizations

United Earth StarfleetVulcan High CommandZalkat Union

Other references

2151admiral • "Alley Cat Union" • animalarchaeologyatmospherebeaglebonebootscaninecaptaincentimetercheesechief engineercoffeecommanderczardaggerdatabasedaydecon geldogenergy weaponengineerEnglish languageensignfirst contactflagshipfossilglyphhistoryhomeworldhomo sapienhourhumanoidinsectintercomkilometerlanding partylanguagelinguistlogicMalkus ArtifactsMalkus ChroniclesmetalmetropolisMinshara classnitrogenorbitoxygenphase pistolplanetplantpoemprobequartersrockscience officersecondsectorsecurity chiefsensorshogunshowerspacespeakersubcommandersuntechnologytelepathytornadovirusVulcan languageyear


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