The Preserver Stone was an artifact that was linked to the mysterious Preserver civilization.

The Stone was one of the products of its ancient creators and was a rectangular block that was seemingly constructed from marble. It was discovered by scientists from the Romulan Star Empire who studied the inscriptions on the artifact. The Romulan Trevallis made an extensive analysis of the Stone which he believed to be a chemical formula that was designed to produce a specific serum that was able to increase the reproductive rate in animals. Etched across its multicolored surface were characters in a flowing script of an unknown origin. The Stone was approximately one meter high and half as wide. It was scorched on one side and the upper left hand corner that was broken off which made it clear that it was the remnant of a much larger but now destroyed stone.

Trevallis established a base on the planet Tarab VI that was tasked with unlocking the secrets of the stone in order to use it as an immense aid in food production for the resource poor populations within the Empire. Numerous tests were conducted on the native life on Tarab but these were all failures as they simply produced viral strains that either killed animals or severely mutated them. This also led to the pollution of the environment from the waste products of the experimental program and caused much discord amongst the Romulan Star Empire who threatened to shut down the research. (FASA RPG module: Graduation Exercise)

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