Andorian preshava lake monkey

A preshava or Andorian lake monkey

A Preshava (or Andorian lake monkey) is a large nearly-bipedal amphibian native to the shallow bodies of water on Andoria.

It is one of the smarter animals on Andoria, described as a cross between a "frog and a miniature chimpanzee." It averages about .7 meters tall, weighing 5-8 kg. It is an omnivorous gatherer/scavenger, and works in packs. It is a ghelnoid, and has a set of antennae as well as hair growing from its head, though its webbed feet and slippery-smooth skin keeps it in the amphibian family.

Preshava are known for their mating rituals, in which a large group of females cluster around a group of males that then fight using the gopa. A small creature whose touch numbs smaller animals, the preshava throw the gopa at each other until all but the victor are unconscious and paralyzed. The females then fight each other to get to and pounce on the dominant male until there is "nothing much left of him either." This ensures that only the fastest and strongest members of the race mate. It is also a popular source for ironic metaphor for the Andorians with a dry wit.

The only real danger posed by this species is getting hit with a gopa during the mating ritual, which will numb but not paralyze an adult Andorian, but is quite a stab at a warriors dignity. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)

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