For other uses, see Presidential Palace.

The Presidential Palace was the official residence of the President of the planet Treva.

It was located in the center of picturesque park grounds outside the capital city, and was surrounded by a security perimeter. The palace was similar to a castle, though it was finely decorated and equipped with plumbing, proper amenities, and more advanced technology. It contained guest rooms and office areas.

In 2364, Lieutenant Commander Data and Lieutenant Tasha Yar were guests of President Nalavia at the Presidential Palace. However, Yar was quickly kidnapped from her room by Sdan and Poet; Droo and Jokane searched the palace grounds for her. Data investigated the palace via the crawlspaces and accessed its computer systems, before he escaped.

When the revolution came and Nalavia's crimes were exposed, the Trevan people marched on the Presidential Palace and seized it. (TNG novel: Survivors)

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