The Presidio was a famous military fort of Earth's history in the city of San Francisco. It was established by Spain in 1776 and was taken over by the United States Army in 1847. (TOS - Starfleet Academy novel: The Gemini Agent)

In 2053, the meeting that led to the peace treaty which ended World War III was held in a building on the Presidio grounds. By the 24th century the Presidio was located on the grounds of Starfleet Academy. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years, ST - New Worlds, New Civilizations short story: "At Times of Peril", TNG episode: "Time's Arrow")

By this time period, it also had an adjoining, subterranean cavern, complete with an archaeological excavation, from circa 1893. (TNG episode: "Time's Arrow")

The United States Army Corps of Engineers constructed an extensive system of underground maintenance culverts in the Presidio for use in case of siege. The tunnels survived the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and another earthquake in 2182. In 2255, in the Kelvin timeline, Cadet James T. Kirk was led through the Presidio maintenance culverts and into San Francisco National Cemetery by the Gemini Project neural agent with which T'Laya had infected him. (TOS - Starfleet Academy novel: The Gemini Agent)

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