The Priamites were a race native to Priam IV, a Prime Directive–prohibited planet.

They had chalk-white skin and green hair, and were vulnerable to radiation. Even a desert area on their homeworld had high levels of radiation harmful to them, though a Human could tolerate several days’ worth of exposure.

They had a very primitive level of civilization and technology, wielding spears and dwelling in huts in a number of villages along a river bank. Some Federation researchers dwelled in disguise among the population for several years in the 2350s.

The Priam IV test, a Starfleet Academy holodeck training simulation of the 2350s, was set on Priam IV and involved Prime Directive issues surrounding the Priamites. An reptilian Orion slaver character described the Priamites as strong, unintelligent, complacent and populous, which made them suitable slave stock, and decided to try them out on another planet. Cadet Tasha Yar feared that the Priamites could be used as living radiation detectors. (TNG novel: Survivors)

As this race has so far only appeared in a holodeck simulation, they might not necessarily be a "real" species.
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