Sikaar in 2274.

A primate is a type of animal lifeform, characterized primarily by their relatively large brains in relation to other mammals. Humans (and presumably other extraterrestrial humanoids) are of the primate order, though the term "primate" is normally applied to lower, non-sentient animals.

The Xindi-Primates were one of the several species that made up Xindi society. (ENT episode: "The Shipment")


In 2052, chimpanzee Harry became the first primate to be transported. Using an experimental transporter built by Colin Blakeney, the young ape was transported about 50 meters and back, from the transporter pad in a laboratory in San Diego to the top of a van owned by a television station. (TNG comic: "Forgiveness")

The Klingon renegade Koronin owned a pet primate, which she named "Starfleet, as way of insulting the Federation Starfleet. (TOS novel: Enterprise: The First Adventure)

Odo once changed his eyes to those of a nocturnal Vulcan primate to allow him to see in a near dark corridor on Deep Space 9. (DS9 - Millennium novel: Inferno)

On the Kornak-Jabari homeworld, a native primate species similar to the Terran chimpanzee or orangutan was used in medical experiments conducted by Doctor Idit Kahayn. (SCE eBooks: Wounds, Book 1, Wounds, Book 2)

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