Pris Shenkley was a Human woman of the 24th century, and a mercenary in the Silver Paladin's band.

Shenkley designed weapons systems, but chose not to work for Federation as she feared that she would lose control over who used her weapons and the purposes they were used for. Instead, she chose to work for Adrian Dareau, where she constructed weapons exactly suited to specific tasks she could agree with. She had no criminal record within the Federation.

She and the rest of the organization were based at Rikan's castle, Warrior's Rest, on the planet Treva in 2364 where they aided Rikan's rebellion against President Nalavia. Shenkley designed the new advanced technological defenses for the castle. She suggested using a quoghart net to capture Lieutenant Commander Data when he approached the castle, thinking he would not expect something so primitive. She was right, and Data was quickly caught. Later, she dined with Data and they flirted with each other.

When the team plotted to replace the Riatine drug with a placebo, Shenkley helped disable or trick the military surveillance. When Nalavia's forces later assaulted the castle in response, Shenkley handed out weapons for the defense, and later flew a flyer against their air forces. (TNG novel: Survivors)

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