Prixis was a human male geologist in Starfleet and served aboard the USS Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.

History[edit | edit source]

In the year 2365 aboard the Enterprise-D, Prixis was a member of a project team investigating the geology of Drema IV, working under acting Ensign Wesley Crusher. (TNG episode: "Pen Pals")

That same year, Prixis, along with Ensign McKnight, was the target of a practical joke by Lieutenant Kieran Duffy, in which their hair was bonded together at a molecular level. (SCE eBook: Many Splendors)

While serving aboard the Enterprise-E, Lieutenant Prixis participated in a geophysical survey with Lieutenant Hildebrant and their teams. They travelled to and from the planetary survey site in the Argo, and returned to the Enterprise to undertake lab-work (and have pizza!). (ST reference: Ships of the Line)

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The spelling of the character's name in this eBook differs from the one used by the episode's script (

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