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Procal Dukat was a Cardassian man who lived in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries, the father of Skrain Dukat.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During Procal Dukat's childhood in the 23rd century, the Na'kuhl worked with Cardassian revolutionaries in an attempt to foment a rebellion on Cardassia. Starfleet Commander Nereda of the Temporal Defense Initiative foiled a bombing planned by the rebels by exposing them to the Obsidian Order, saving Procal's life. (STO mission: "Message from Another Time II")

He was a member of the Central Command, the head of the military justice system with the rank of Chief Justice. He was very ambitious to further his career, and raised his son to be the same and to be a strong, capable man. Skrain loved his father very much, and Procal treasured his family dearly.

In the year 2318, Procal Dukat, then an Archon, informed Skrain that his newborn son had died. (ST - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

Procal apparently furthered his ambitions by engaging in criminal activities, using his position and influence to shield him from the law.

Nearing year 2368, Procal Dukat was involved in a group called the "Brotherhood" along with his son, Draban Lokar and Draban's son, Barkan Lokar. The Obsidian Order considered that group to be a threat to the current regimen and order of Cardassia, and sent the agents Elim Garak and Pythas Lok to gather evidence on Procal's secret activities during a recreative retreat in the Ba'aten Peninsula. Pythas posed as a guide to help Procal plan ambitious treks through the rainforest, and once night came, Garak sedetated Procal with a poison resembling that of a plaktar, a local venomous animal. Garak efficiently kidnapped the old military man, and Pythas helped him to take him to their base, where Garak interrogated Procal with the help of the Enhancer, a mental torture tool created by the Order. During the interrogation, Garak managed to fool Procal into thinking he was talking to his son, Skrain, but was unsuccessful in drawing any incriminating information about Procal's accomplices in the Brotherhood. Worse, Procal got back to his senses and Garak had to wrestle with him to sedate him back to coma. During that fight, Procal understood that Garak had been sent by Tain, and was able afterwards to warn his son and accomplices, and figure out Garak's identity. Nonetheless, Procal Dukat was arrested and put on trial, during which he claimed that his only flaw was that his ambition outweighed his patriotism, and was likely executed. Skrain despised Garak from then on. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)

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