The Proconsul of the Romulan Republic was the leader of the emergent Romulan Republic, serving either as its head of government, head of state, or both. The office was established in January 2409 when Romulan colonies broke away from the Tal Shiar-controlled Romulan Star Empire. Former Unification movement member D'Tan became the first proconsul of the Republic. (STO mission: "New Romulus Aid")


Before the colonization of New Romulus (Dewa III), the office of the Romulan proconsul was located aboard a Romulan Republican Force warbird, part of the Romulan Flotilla hiding in Tau Dewa sector block deep space. (STO mission: "Explore the Flotilla")

Following the settlement of New Romulus, an office building was constructed. The proconsul was available for meetings during office hours. (STO mission: "Hidden Camera")


In 2409, D'Tan guided the Republic through its rise from a band of beleaguered refugees to first-rate power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. (STO missions: "Explore the Flotilla", "New Romulus Aid", "A Step Between Stars", "Surface Tension")

The alliance with the Federation and the Klingon Empire, despite their state of war, made the Republic a power-broker between the two nations.(STO mission: "A Step Between Stars")

Following the abduction of Empress Sela by the Iconians and the death of Colonel Hakeev on Brea III, the Tal Shiar's organization suffered and the Star Empire descended into a new round of infighting. (STO - Romulan Mystery missions: "Cutting the Cord", "Darkness before the Dawn") Subcommander Khiana beamed into D'Tan's office one night and suggested a clandestine deal. D'Tan refused, stating he was no king and would not need a king-maker. D'Tan elaborated he was taught by the wisest of men, Spock, that peace could only be achieved through deals in the light of day, and without secrets. Khiana replied that neither the Federation nor the Empire would allow negotiations between the Republic and the Tal Shiar. Nevertheless, D'Tan affirmed he sought the reunification of all Romulans, including the Tal Shiar. (STO mission: "Hidden Camera")

In 2410, the Republic, Federation and Klingon Empire formed an interstellar alliance, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. (STO - The Delta Quadrant missions: "Escalation", "Mindscape") The Republic subsequently extended its sphere of influence to the Delta Quadrant and became a founding member of the Delta Alliance. (STO - The Delta Quadrant mission: "Alliances")



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