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A proctor is a person responsible for overseeing the conduct of an examination or other test.

In the 2350s, Captain Silas served as a proctor during Starfleet Academy training missions, including one taken by Cadet William T. Riker to retrieve the starship USS Caspian. (TNG comic: "Thin Ice")

Another Starfleet Academy proctor was Tarleggia. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

On Narisia, the Narisians who were given advanced technology by the Wise Ones were known as Proctors. The Proctors passed down secrets from generation to generation along hereditary lines, and became the leaders of the planet. Only the Proctors and a select few compromising the Inner Circle were aware of the assistance of off-world sources in their technological advances. The Proctors maintained an iron rule, and chased down those who would spill their secrets, such as Garamet, who attempted to escape and drew the attention of retired Starfleet Captain Montgomery Scott. (Star Trek novel: Engines of Destiny)

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