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The Progenitor was a Changeling that created the Great Link and modified the Founders to be like itself. According to Changeling belief, the Progenitor had earlier created the universe.

The being later disappeared, leaving the Founders unable to add to their species. After being unsuccessful in their attempts to find it, the Founders withdrew to the Omarion Nebula, from where they sent out the Hundred to find the Progenitor.

In 2376, it was believed the Progenitor had returned and Odo, Laas and Indurane investigated. They later found what they believed to be the Progenitor, although it had been killed by the radiation of a isolytic subspace weapon detonated by the Ascendants. The death of the Progenitor forced the majority of the Founders to kill themselves. (DS9 novel: The Dominion: Olympus Descending)

Taran'atar was told of the Progenitor's existence by the Female Changeling. This made him doubt the divinity of the Founders. (DS9 novels: The Dominion: Olympus Descending, Warpath)

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