Project F was a secret government program developed by the United States of America in the late 20th century with the purpose of creating a space capable vessel. The basis of the project came after the Roswell incident that occured when three extraterrestrial beings known as Ferengi were discovered and relocated to the Roswell Army Air Field by the United States Army. These three beings later disappeared though remnants of their technology remained behind. It was from these that Project F was created with the aims of producing a space capable starship by reverse engineering the alien propulsion technology. The ultimate aim was the creation of a sleeper ship with automated systems that could take humans to other worlds.

In 1994, Doctor Walter Nichols of Plexicorp was drafted into the program due to his creation of transparent aluminum as well as his experimentations with cryogenics. His work with those of his colleagues as well as the secret assistance of technical data from a woman called Helen Swanson allowed for the creation of the DY-100 deep space transport. The prototype, however, was stolen in 1996 by Ms. Swanson with the aid of Shannon O'Donnel though the latter claimed that she was subject to Ferengi mind control. Whilst cleared of any involvement in the theft due to lack of evidence, it was decided that O'Donnel could no longer be a member of the project and was forced to leave as a result. Furthermore, her speaking of the existence of Area 51 or Project F would lead to criminal proceedings being made against her. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)



  • It is not stated in the novel what the "F" stood for though presumably it stood for "Ferengi".
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