The line between fantasy and reality become blurred as the Doctor encounters Lt. Reginald Barclay and is told that Voyager is a holodeck program of his own creation.

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In the beginning, the Doctor has been activated, asking for "the nature of the medical emergency". There is no answer, and it seems that there is no one on board Voyager. B'elanna comes in, however, and says that everyone except her and Captain Janeway have been captured by the Kazon.

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Reginald Barclay (hologram)ChakotayChakotay (hologram)The DoctorFitzpatrick (hologram) (?) • Kathryn JanewayKathryn Janeway (hologram)Jarvis (hologram)KesKes (hologram)Harry KimHarry Kim (hologram)Neelix (hologram)Tom Paris (hologram)Michael Parsons (hologram)B'Elanna Torres (hologram)Tuvok (hologram)

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USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)

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