Pross was a male Krenim officer, the leader of the Kyana moon colony following the near-genocide of the Krenim people by the Vaadwaur. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Time in a Bottle")


In the year 2410, Pross was in charge of the Kyana moon colony that operated the temporal generators hiding the colony, and the planet Kyana Prime, from the patrols of the Vaadwaur Supremacy and the Heralds.

A Delta Alliance away team led by Captain Nog of the USS Chimera made contact with Pross and shifted into the colony's spacetime continuum through a Krenim artifact. Pross told Nog that he would help away team elude the Heralds stalking them if they repaired the temporal generators. When the Alliance officers completed the repairs, Pross shared the blueprints of the Krenim temporal weapon ship with them and was present when the team overheard an ad-hoc conference of the leaders of the Iconian Empire. The Alliance earned Pross's trust, and he revealed the existence of Kyana Prime to them. The remains of the Krenim Imperium subsequently joined the Delta Alliance. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Time in a Bottle")

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