A protostellar nebula is a type of nebula that contains high levels of particle flux associated with the formation of a stellar body.

History and specificsEdit

The particle flux of nebulae of this nebular classification prevents starships from staying inside for more than 72 hours, but it also hides them from sensor scans. (ST video games: Armada, Armada II)



nebular classification
alphanumeric class 1class 2class 3class 9class 11class 12class 17class Jclass Kclass TMutara class
descriptions cerulean nebuladark nebuladark matter nebuladichromatic nebulaemission nebulainversion nebulalatinum nebulametaphasic nebulametreon nebulamicro-nebulaplanetary nebulaproto-nebulaprotostellar nebularadioactive nebulareflection nebulastellar nurserytachyon nebula
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