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Proxima Colony was a colony settlement founded some time prior to the mid-22nd century, named for the vicinity to Proxima Centauri in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant.

History and specifics[]

In the year 2154, at a time when relations between United Earth and the Klingon Empire were tense, the Klingons were spotted near the colony and thought to be doing reconnaissance for a possible future strike against Earth. (ENT episode: "Borderland")

Proxima was among the colony settlements founded by Zefram Cochrane after his journey to Alpha Centauri, having departed Earth in 2101 with ships capable of warp 1.8. Beginning around 2103, the world thrived and was terraformed, peacefully declaring independence approximately 2134, 20 years before the founding of the Coalition of Planets. Proxima's Ambassador Titus Oleet signed the United Federation of Planets Constitution on 11 October, 2161. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

It is possible, but not specified, that this colony could be located on Proxima Centauri II or the planet Proxima Centauri, or possibly they are all one and the same.



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