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Two types of pterosaur on the Amusement Park planet.

Pterosaurs were an order of prehistoric animal capable of flight, from planet Earth. They existed millions of years ago alongside the dinosaurs.


Pterosaurs had small bodies, long necks and large heads with a long, pointed pelican-like beak. Their most distinguishing features were their wings which consisted of tissue and skin membranes that stretched from their ankles to the tips of their elongated fingers. In some species, the wingspan exceeded nine meters. Some types of pterosaur also had teeth and/or a head crest. Like birds, they layed eggs. (TOS novel: First Frontier; TAS episode: "Once Upon a Planet")

Model of a pterosaur in the Kyrian Museum of Heritage.


Earth species[]

Extraterrestrial species[]



Earth dinosaurs and pterosaurs
Genus and species AlamosaurusAnatotitanAnkylosaurusApatosaurusBrontosaurusDankanasaurDeinonychusFuriadonPachycephalosaurPentaceratopsPterodactylStegosaurusThescelosaurusTorosaurusTriceratopsTroodonTyrannosaurus rexUtahraptorVelociraptorViriosaurus rexVoth
Order and family archosaurbrachiosaurceratopsiddromaeosaurhadrosaurornithischiapterosaursauropodtheropodtitanosaur

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